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Jola a German company established since 1952, it is well known as a manufacturer in the measuring and regulation technology industry. They deal with the development, fabrication and distribution of high-quality products for various economic sectors.
Jola first developed a specialisation in level control. As environment protection gained societal relevance during the 1980s, leakage detection became its second area of expertise.


Level Control.png


Level control measures and records the level of liquids and bulk materials with the help of a technical instrument. Jola specializes in level control of liquids.

Leakage Detection.png


Leakage detection allows to detect leaks of liquids and gases and to follow up and take action. Jola specializes in leakage detection of liquids.

Limit Switches.png


Limit switches – also called limit position switches or position switches – recognize the end of a movement and initiate the next step of the process, for example switching off or stepping on to the next step.

Cooling Ceiling Control.png


Cooling ceiling control devices detect the emergence or existence of condensation and allow to stop and eventually reinitiate the inflow of the coolant (for example water) to the cooling ceiling.


Level Control Products

Floating Switches and Immersion Probes.jpg

Floating Switches and Immersion Probes

Floating SM.jpg

Floating Switches SM

Immersion Probes TSR.jpg

Immersion Probes TSR

Overfil Protectors (Float Method).jpg

Overfil Protectors

(Float Method)

Level Controllers with Magnetic Switches and Level Indicators with Taps.jpg

Level Controllers with Magnetic Switches and Level Indicators with Taps

Rod Electrodes with Integrated Electrode Relay.jpg

Rod Electrodes with Integrated Electrode Relay

Leakage Detection Products

Leakage Detector Leckstar (Conductive).jpg

Leakage Detectors Leckstar (Conductive)

Conductive Electrode Relay Leckstar 101 G.jpg

Conductive Electrode Relay Leckstar 101/G

Central Alarm Relay.jpg

Central Alarm Relay

Leakage Detectors Leckmaster (Capacitive).jpg

Leakage Detectors Leckmaster (Capacitive)

Capacitive Relay Leckmaster 101 G.jpg

Capacitive Relay Leckmaster 101/G

Condensate Water Detectors.jpg

Condensate Water Detectors

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