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An environmentally friendly company

partnering world-class sensor organisations. 

Fists in Solidarity

At OKO Sense Asia, we strive to promote reliable products of the highest quality. Highly critical in our selection of manufacturers, we only work with trusted partners who have earned international recognition in their fields. 

Offering customisable solutions to upkeep indoor air quality, wellness and safety in buildings, while meeting an extensive range of industry compliance standards.


Through trust, commitment, and social responsibility, we create reliable solutions that meet our customers' needs.


​To deliver the best sensing and controls products for HVAC and Safety industry.

Core values

Professionalism, transparency and honesty.

We value long-term partnerships with our business partners and clients.


With a broad and competitive range of products, OKO Sense Asia has systems for monitoring, measuring and controlling HVAC, Gas and Smoke Alarm Systems. Our products are known for their reliability, ease of use and installation.

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