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TRC-H-1A2R-MOD-230 Image.png

Optical smoke detector with automatic sensitivity adjustment and service alarm. For connection to a control unit.

The new smoke detector EVC-PY-DA has been equipped with a new mechanical optical chamber and a new light source. Thanks to this, the detector’s ability to detect even small particles from the starting phase of a fire has increased drastically. Thanks to this new design, EVC-PY-DA can replace ionising smoke detectors, which have previously been far superior in detecting small particles from the starting phase of a fire.

The detection chamber contains a LED and a photodiode. Normally, the light from the LED does not strike the photodiode, but when smoke enters the chamber it reflects the LED beam so that it strikes the photodiode. The current through the photodiode changes and an alarm is triggered.

The design of the detector makes it almost completely immune to high air speeds, dirt and radio frequency interference.

The detector is equipped with a bayonet mount, which makes it easy to fit and remove.

EVC-PY-DA has an intelligent monitoring circuit that continuously checks and adjusts the sensitivity for optimum functionality during the entire life of the detector. When the detector can no longer compensate for environmental influences a service alarm is generated, which indicates that the detector needs replacement or cleaning.

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