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CDT2000 duct

carbon dioxide transmitters




CDT2000 Duct combines CO2 and temperature measurements into one device installed in a ventilation duct. Illuminated display ensures easy readability also from a distance. The CDT2000 Duct has a screwless lid and an easily adjustable mounting flange that make installing the device easy. CDT2000 utilizes the industry-standard NDIR measurement principle with self-calibrating ABC logic™ for CO2 measurement. CDT2000-DC is a dual channel model with a measuring channel and a reference channel that makes a continuous comparison and the necessary adjustment accordingly. CDT2000-DC is also suitable for buildings that are continuously occupied.



CDT2000 Duct is used to monitor and control CO2 concentration of incoming and return air in a ventilation system. CDT2000-DC Duct series devices can also be used in applications where there is a constant source of carbon dioxide present (for example hospitals and greenhouses).

Technical Specifications


Measuring units:



Supply voltage:


Output signal 1:


Output signal 2:

Optional output signal 3:


Optional output signal 4:

Operating temperature:

Protection standard:



CO2: ±40 ppm + 2 % of reading, DC model: 75 ppm or 10 % of reading (whichever is greater) Temperature: <0.5 °C

ppm, °C


Automatic self-calibration, ABC LogicTM or continuous comparison (DC)

24 VDC/VAC ±10 %

0/2…5/10 V (linear to CO2)


0/2…5/10 V (linear to Temp)

4...20 mA (linear to CO2) (A model)

4...20 mA (linear to Temp) (A model)


0…+50 °C



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