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Analog-Relay-Board ARB2


MSR-Electronic GmbH_ARB2.png

Gas measurement, warning and control board based on the latest technology for continuous monitoring of the ambient air.

The ARB2 is designed to connect one analog 4-20 mA sensor, e.g. MC2 sensor. The board monitors the measured value and activates the alarm relays when the set alarm thresholds for pre and main alarm are exceeded.


In addition, the measured value is provided as 4-20 mA at the analog output. Options such as display and warning unit (WAO) ensure adaptation to the wide range of applications in the gas measurement technology.


• Easy maintenance and calibration by exchanging the MC2 sensors or comfortable on-site calibration

• Sensor can be placed up to 500 m

• Reverse polarity protected, overload and short circuit proof

• 1 analog input 4-20 mA, e.g. MC2 line and 1 analog output 4-20 mA / 2-10 V

• 2 relays with changeover contact, potential-free, max. 250 V AC, 5 A

• Various housing types with protection class IP65 • Display / WAO: Status-LED with warning buzzer (optional)

• Operating voltage 24 V AC/DC

• 100-240 V AC (optional)

• 12 V DC (optional)

MSR-Electronic GmbH_ARB2 (2).png
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